Treatments and Services

Welcome! We are excited to have you joining us on your journey towards contentment (santosha). You may book services online or by calling our front desk at (406) 993-2510. If you would like to book a massage, BEMER, Normatec, or a private yoga session to experience in your home, please call our front desk to make those arrangements. There is also an additional in-home fee per service ($40-$75) based on how far away you are from Santosha. Please note there is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all services taking place at Santosha and a 48-hour cancellation policy for all in-home services. Anything canceled or changed within 24-or 48-hours of the appointment time will incur a full charge of the appointment.
Are you a year-round local and contributing to the Big Sky workforce? If so, please inquire about our locals’ workforce discount. 

Therapeutic Bodywork & Massage

Therapeutic Massage
Customized to fit your specific needs at the time of your appointment. Incorporating a variety of massage techniques such as deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, and myofascial release in order to tend to your specific needs. 

Swedish Massage
Allow the world to slip away as you sink deeply into a state of relaxation with a more gentle flowing approach to working with the body and releasing stress and tension. As this also can be therapeutic, it is booked as a therapeutic massage, just be sure to tell your practitioner that you’d like to simply relax. 

Prenatal Massage
When you’re looking for relief from sore muscles and swollen joints during pregnancy, look to massage from a prenatal massage therapist. It is similar to a Swedish massage and includes modifications with body positioning to ensure the safety and comfort of both mother and baby. For additional benefits during pregnancy, consider prenatal Lymphatic Drainage – find more information below under Occupational and Lymphedema treatments. Women should always have a discussion with their prenatal care provider about their health before deciding on any type of massage therapy.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST)
A light touch approach that can create dramatic improvements in your well-being. It releases tensions deep in the body working with the central nervous system to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. Allows the entire body to relax and self-correct. This modality can be done alone or blended with another massage.

Lymphatic Drainage
A gentle massage moves the lymphatic fluid to clear lymphatic channels and promotes detoxification. This is combined with reflexology in order to stimulate different organs and specific areas in your body that need more attention.

Energy Work, Reiki, Pranic Healing & Chakra Balancing
Work within your energy field can deeply shift how your body feels. Reiki works on different levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, enhancing everything in life. This ancient Japanese method of healing uses energy work as hands are placed just off the body or lightly touching the body, as in “laying on of hands” to balance the body and mind. It is also possible to focus more on the prana (“vital energy”) in your body and balance the seven main energy centers or chakras. 

30 min.~$85   | 60 min.~$160   | 75 min.~$205   | 90 min.~$235   | 120 min.~$310

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone massage will deeply relax the body and mind, soften tissues, and ease muscle pain. It starts with our customized therapeutic massage and integrates smooth, heated stones in long, flowing strokes to further release tight muscles, and improve circulation and flexibility. The stones are generally basalt, a black volcanic rock that has been worn smooth in a river. This type of rock absorbs and retains heat which then deeply penetrates the muscles throughout your treatment.

60 min.~$185   | 75 min.~$230   | 90 min.~$260   | 120 min.~$335

Integrative Healing Bodywork
This is not your typical spa massage. This 90-minute or 2-hour session will be an individualized approach to help one tap into their body’s inner wisdom and facilitate an environment for healing to take place. The session will take place on the Biomat and may integrate energy work (Reiki, Pranic Healing and/or Marma Point Therapy), CranioSacral Therapy, sound healing and Acutonics, cupping, therapeutic massage, deep tissue and/or some Thai massage techniques depending upon what your body is calling for at the time of your session.

90 min.~$260  | 120 min.~$335

Enhancements to complement your massage:

Hands & Feet Scrub $45
This additional 15-minute treatment will leave your hands and feet feeling smooth and soft. The apricot seed and walnut shell will help slough away dry and rough skin while Calendula helps calm and soothe your extremities, offering a more full-body experience. Must be mentioned at the time of booking.

CBD Experience $40
Cause+Medic’s water-soluble CBD products are formulated for maximum efficacy by easily connecting with our own cannabinoid system to help ease aches, pains, and nerves. Combined with other active botanical ingredients to enhance skin health and radiance, every ingredient is carefully selected, responsibly sourced, and cruelty-free. With this add-on, your practitioner will work with a combination of these CBD products and focus on your points of tension and pain. 

Whether you’re recovering from a rigorous hike, mountain biking, horseback riding, or a day filled with powder turns, nurturing CBD can facilitate a quicker healing response so you get back at it, or simply feel better yet as quickly as possible. Best used consistently, we now carry many of their products so you can continue your CBD journey after you leave Santosha.

Cupping $25
An ancient healing treatment using glass or silicone cups that create a vacuum and draw stagnant blood to the surface to flush it out of the tissues. May decrease pain and stagnant energy held in the body. Please ask for this as an add-on when  booking as not all therapists offer this option. 

Spot Treatment $15
Includes a combination of top-shelf products, such as Magnesium, Doterra’s Deep Blue Rub, and CBD topicals determined by your therapist.

Scalp Treatment $10
Incorporate extra tranquility with Lavender or nurture your scalp and locks with Rosemary. This treatment is a wonderful add-on to any massage. 

We are also happy to provide services in the comfort of your home. To schedule in-home services, call us at (406) 993-2510 for pricing and schedule information. (Pricing varies based on distance to your location.)

Other therapeutic techniques may be added to your treatment such as cupping, reflexology, or energy work. Please inquire about these other options if you are interested in incorporating them prior to your treatment so you can be scheduled with the appropriate therapist. We are also happy to incorporate aromatherapy and/or arnica as needed into your massage.


Or give us a call to schedule these services- (406) 993-2510

Massage Therapy

Thai Massage/Thai Yoga Therapy

A classic Thai massage incorporates stretching and deep pressure in order to open up the body and get one’s energy flowing, initiating one’s own healing process. Could be referred to as a passive style of yoga, or Thai Yoga Therapy. It is done on a mat on the floor with the receiver comfortably dressed. Perfect after a day on the mountain.

90 min.~$260 | 2 hours~$355  


Or give us a call to schedule these services- (406) 993-2510

Thai Massage

Ayurvedic Body Therapies

Abhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic massage using a warm, body-type specific oil in order to help detoxify and nourish the body. 90 min.~$220 This style of massage is traditionally done as a 4-handed (2 therapists). 50 min.~$245

Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic body therapy where a medicated (herbal) warm oil is poured over one’s forehead (third eye) continuously for 20-40 minutes depending upon the needs of the recipient in order to help clear and calm the mind and body, improve sleep and help to reduce anxiety and stress. This treatment includes a soothing head, neck and shoulder massage to allow the body to further let go and is finished with some attention to the feet in order to bring you back into your body and reground you. It can be done as a stand-alone treatment, but even more powerful when done in combination with an Abhyanga.
60 min.~$190

Swedena is an add-on to any type of massage, but more traditionally an add-on to an Abhyanga style of massage. It is a steam tent that is placed over the recipient after an Ayurvedic massage with a herbal steam filling the tent and allowing one’s body to more fully absorb the oil that was used as well as absorb the herbal steam, reduce water weight, beautifies the skin and improves circulation.~$60

Bliss Therapy is a truly blissful experience combining a traditional Abhyanga massage, Shirodhara treatment and Swedena (or far-infared sauna session). The most beautiful way to nourish your body, mind and spirit.
With a 2-handed Abhyanga (1 therapist) 3 hours~$450
With a 4-handed Abhyanga (2 therapists) 2 1/2 hours~$465


Or give us a call to schedule these services- (406) 993-2510

Ayurvedic Body Therapies

Ayurvedic Consultations

Bring more balance into your life. Whether you are healing from a disease or wanting to take on preventative measures, an Ayurvedic Consultation can get you started on this path. Prior to an initial consultation, you will fill out a questionnaire in regards to your history, day-to-day routines and your tendencies. During the consultation, we will go a bit deeper into these topics, do a brief exam, discuss current imbalances and get started with a treatment plan to bring you more into a state of balance or optimal health and well-being. This 2-hour initial consultation also includes another 45-minute appointment where you come in for your report of findings and initial recommendations.~$198 Follow-up appointments 60 min.~$115 Packages also available including an Ayurveda Starter Package which includes Initial Consultation, Report of Findings plus 3 Follow-up visits for $450. Happy to have you come in for your appointments or we can also do appointments online via zoom or skype.

To inquire about packages, ask questions or contact Callie Stolz, C.A.S., L.M.T. directly email her at or call 406-570-2477.


Or give us a call to schedule these services- (406) 993-2510

Ayurvedic Consultations

Astrology Sessions with Francie

Birth Chart Reading

In this comprehensive astrology reading, the focus is entirely on you and your unique journey. Using your Birth Chart, a map of the planetary positions at your birth, we will uncover profound insights about your life purpose, choices, and personal growth opportunities. During this time, you will be given a unique opportunity to have your birth chart be read using Vedic & Western Placidus modalities. Having seen thousands of charts; much of her client base being Indian from a Vedic background, Francie can for certain say that the method she has created has wowed many people who are in a very specific box/lineage of astrology. The way she proves her method is by asking for three past dates that have been catalytic. Instead of having the client tell her what was going on during these periods, she tells them what they were experiencing. By seeing the pattern from a logical perspective, clearly you will see what planet or aspect continues to be at play. When we are able to find patterns we can explore the various aspects of the energy in order to pinpoint why we continue to manifest similar experiences. We will be able to discuss your self-perception, emotional connections, psychic sensitivities, childhood experiences, career paths, partnerships, unconscious patterns, vitality, and future planning, among others.

45 Minutes $125 | 90 Minutes $175

Synastry Reading

Synastry Charts and Composite Charts are a technique of comparing 2 people’s astrological make-up to gain insight into their relationship dynamics. This can be used when looking at lovers or marital partners, a boss and employee, two friends – any two people who form a significant relationship with each other. By comparing astrological charts, you can uncover valuable insights about the lessons, potential challenges, and hidden blessings within these connections. This reading provides a nuanced perspective on any relationship, be it with a loved one, family member, coworker, or business partner, offering a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play. You can attend the session alone or invite the other person involved in the relationship. You will be asked to provide your own and the relationship of interest’s birth date, location, and time if applicable. *having the birth day, month, year and location of birth is necessary for all readings.

90 Minutes $250

Add on Cacao Ceremony +$75

This adds 30 minutes to the session. At the beginning or sometimes the end; there are no rules for how the energies want to be brought forth at the time of your session. You will be embraced by Francie’s many different modalities she uses to help facilitate an environment of relaxation and ease. Whether that be laying down with a bolster and blanket as you resonate to sound bowls or tuning forks. The intention is to clear the energies, open your channel to the frequency of truth so the highest vibration of love will allow clarity for setting an intention and realigning the energy centers. Sometimes Francie will pray in English or sing one of the many Maha-mantras she uses to realign spirit to the physical body. All cacao is vegan & ceremonially harvested in the Yucatan Peninsula

Pack of 3 Sessions
For those who have already done a Natal Chart Reading or a Synastry with Francie and want to dive deeper over the course of a week or month.

During these three sessions, you will sit with ceremonial cacao or ceremonial Japanese tea  (included in the offering) and talk about the different progressions in your life. It is recommended that you gather a handful of years that were catalytic for you and Francie to discuss before your sessions. Those years you bring forth will include any moments that felt like turning points for you. It can be anything, from getting a cat to the birth of a child, a divorce, a new job, etc, Each of our definitions are different, and small things for one person may be massive turning points for another. Which then allows the opportunity to bring in another’s chart, or maybe a few members of your family, lovers, friends, anyone!

When you can see another person’s energy in connection with your own, you can understand what you are trying to work out in this lifetime together. This also enables you to understand why certain people are the way they are. This ability to see another person for who they are gives us permission to remove blame or regret from ourselves. When we can gain clarity on another’s energy, we see our connection to them for what it is. When we can see our connection to those around us we can start to become okay with the transitions that happen to all of us. The letting go of lovers, the laying to rest of family and saying “its time for me to move on” to work relations or seasons of our life. When we can see the purpose is complete, we can be reminded that we are always held by spirit. We are able to be okay with evolving as we are reminded by astrology there is no other way but forward. We can heal the past but we must continue on and as long as we are here, we are on a mission of truth.

Pack of Three 90 Minute Sessions $525


Or give us a call to schedule these services- (406) 993-2510

Ayurvedic Consultations

Skin Care Services for Face & Body

Customized Facial
Consult with your esthetician to discuss your current skin concerns and desired outcome. Utilizing lines from Emergin-C, the products and treatment plan will be designed specifically for you. Nontoxic, bioavailable, organic, and cruelty-free, Emergin-C products allow your skin to strengthen and heal itself. After cleansing the skin and considering your personal goals, we will select an effective exfoliation treatment, removing excess skin that increases ease of any needed extractions. A nourishing, healing treatment mask will hydrate, calm and plump the skin followed by serums and moisturizers that are specific to your skin type and needs. During this customized facial you’ll receive additional massage to your scalp, face, neck, shoulders, décolleté, arms, and hands.

60 min.~$175 | 75 min.~$220 | 90 min.~$245
Choose to substitute a classic mask for an ultra-soothing and nourishing peel-off jelly mask ($35) or other enhancements such as Gua Sha, Cool Globes, and Derma-rolling.

Santosha’s Summer Lemon Fresh Facial                                                                                                                                                        Try the new Summer Lemon Fresh Facial! This 90-minute facial is customized to your specific skin care needs using a professional strength brightening and exfoliating lemon zest enzyme, followed by either a Glow Force Mask for extra brightening benefits or a soothing Vitality Mask for extra moisture. Interested in trying Cool Globes with a different type of facial? For the month of June, we will top off any facial with a complimentary Cool Globes add-on (A $30 value)! These freezable wands help reduce redness and puffiness while increasing circulation and oxygenation of your skin. They have also been shown to diminish the look of large pores and tighten the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

90 min ~ $245

Deluxe Seasonal Facial
Specially designed to match the seasons and common concerns that accompany them, this 90-minute facial is customized to your skin with lots of massage. Included is an almond and orange mani/pedi scrub that will soften the rough skin of the hands and feet. Additionally, you get to choose a facial enhancement of your choice (Gua Sha, cool globes, or derma rolling). This facial has everything you could want for a head-to-toe skin refreshment.

90 min.~$295
Choose to substitute a classic mask for an ultra-soothing and nourishing peel-off jelly mask ~$35.

Mountain Facial
A perfect way to nourish and set yourself up for an amazing day on the mountain or a blissful way to relax your mind and body after a day of exploring. Come in for a deeply relaxing treatment that targets the face, arms, hands, legs, and feet. To begin your treatment, your legs will be placed in the Normatec, receiving healing compression therapy for the full service. Compression therapy reaches deeply into those tired muscles and helps flush out toxins, like lactic acid, while moving lymphatic fluid and calming your nervous system. While your legs and feet relax, we will thoroughly cleanse the face, removing dirt and debris, followed by a gentle exfoliation and soothing, hydrating mask. As the mask sits on the skin, a gentle massage to the neck and arms will take place before we will slough off dry skin from your hands with a nourishing scrub. Once the mask is removed, serums and moisturizers will be applied to strengthen and protect your skin for your next adventure mountain adventure.

75 min.~$250
Choose to substitute a classic mask for an ultra-soothing and nourishing peel-off jelly mask ($35) or other enhancements such as Gua Sha, Cool Globes, and Derma-rolling.

Glo Luxury Oils Holistic Facial*
The customized 60 or 90-minute Glo Luxury Oils Holistic Facial is a “hands-on treatment” which means that you receive a face, neck, décolleté, shoulder, arm, and hand massage. 90-minute treatments will receive more time on massage and an add-on of your choice (Gua Sha, cool globes, or derma roller).

This decadent facial features local Montana-made products with 100% organic and natural ingredients curated to repair the skin from environmental damage, increase collagen and elastin production and minimize pores. The detox mask features French green clay, Matcha Green Tea, and bamboo charcoal that draw out impurities and remineralizes the skin. Naturally derived alpha hydroxy and glycolic acids, vitamins A and E, Omega-rich oils, Astaxanthin, and healing extracts from aloe vera and willow bark come together to give your skin the moisture and attention it deserves.

*All ingredients are sourced from farms around the globe that are wildcrafted, free of chemicals, herbicides or pesticides. Committed to using only high-quality, vibrant, therapeutic-grade essential oils and cold-pressed carrier oils, the products used in this facial are made in small batches in Bozeman, MT.

60 min.~$210 | 90 min.~$285

Back Facial
This ‘facial for your back’ begins with a cleanse to wash away impurities and ready your skin for treatment. An aromatic almond and orange scrub is then paired with steam to exfoliate the back and shoulders, sloughing dead skin and preparing it for any needed extractions. Next, a probiotic-filled mask is applied to moisturize and nourish the skin, followed by a hydrating body moisturizer. Included in this treatment is a scalp, neck, shoulder, arm, hand and back massage. This treatment will refresh and hydrate skin, leaving your back soft and glowing with a noticeably renewed radiance.

60 min.~$155

Enhancements to complement your facial:

Gua Sha $30
An ancient Chinese modality that stimulates lymph flow and releases fascia, this add-on helps sculpt the contours of the face, diminishes inflammation and relieves tension in the facial muscles.

Cool Globes $30
These freezable wands with one spherical end help reduce redness and puffiness while increasing circulation and oxygenation of your skin. They have also been shown to diminish the look of large pores and tighten the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A wonderful addition after extractions or peels.

Derma Rolling $50
This add-on utilizes small needles that superficially penetrate the epidermis generating collagen stimulation, product penetration and visibly firmer-toned skin.

NormaTec $40
Give those tired legs some added attention. These hip-to-toe compression sleeves will be placed on your legs for the duration of your skin care treatment to boost circulation and relaxation while flushing out toxins and moving lymphatic fluid.

Hands & Feet Scrub $45
This additional 15-minute treatment will leave your hands and feet feeling smooth and soft. The apricot seed and walnut shell will help slough away dry and rough skin while Calendula helps calm and soothe your extremities, offering a more full-body experience. Must be mentioned at time of booking.


Lash Lifts & Tints
Using a silicone rod and gentle glue, your lashes will be strategically placed to create a lift and curl of the lashes that will last six to eight weeks. Add a tint to your service for thicker, darker eyelashes in just minutes.

Brow Tints
Brow tints are a simple and fantastic way to simplify your morning routine and amplify your gorgeous brows. A semi-permanent dye is applied to darken and define your brow hairs that last up to six to eight weeks.

Lash Tint ~$40 | Lash Lift and Tint ~$90 | Lash Lift Only ~$65
Brow Tint ~$45 | Brow and Lash Tint ~$65

Let us know if you’re a part of our Big Sky workforce (employed locally in Big Sky) to receive 15% off your service.


Or give us a call to schedule these services- (406) 993-2510

Thai Massage

Far-Infrared Sauna

The radiant heat surrounds you and penetrates deeply into your joints, muscles and tissues, speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation. It helps to remove impurities from your cells, specifically the cells inside our fat where our body stores waste and harmful toxins such as cholesterol and heavy metals.

Sauna sessions are beneficial to your health for so many great reasons:

  • Detoxification
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief
  • Pain Relief
  • Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction
  • Improved Circulation
  • Skin Purification

15 minutes for 1 person: $20
15 minutes for 2 people: $25
30 minutes for 1 person: $30
30 minutes for 2 people: $40
60 minutes for 1 person: $50
60 minutes for 2 people: $65

10% off as an add-on with any treatment or service.
Packages available (5 sessions for the price of 4).


Or give us a call to schedule these services- (406) 993-2510

Massage Therapy

Yoga Classes, Sound Healing and Private Sessions

A private yoga session designed especially for you and your needs, whether it be to get down the basics, work on a therapeutic issue or help you develop a more advanced practice, your choice. 1 hour~$115; 90 min.~$165 (prices are for up to 2 people, each additional person over 2 is an additional $20). A group private~$300

A sound bath or sound healing session will be led by a healing practitioner trained in the use of various instruments — singing bowls, gongs, chimes, tuning forks — to facilitate meditation, relaxation and, ultimately, healing. These are simply tools that simulate and soothe sensory and neuron pathways so you can deepen into a parasympathetic state of consciousness. You are fully clothed and mostly reclining – you may be guided through some breathwork and movement. This could be done in combination with a yoga private or as a stand-alone experience. A private session for an individual – 1 hour~$135; a group private~$330

We are also happy to come to your home for an additional charge ~ $40-$75 per session (depending upon the distance).

Private sessions are available with any of our yoga teachers or sound healing practitioners. Mat rental is included in the group private session price.


Or give us a call to schedule these services- (406) 993-2510

Yoga Classes and Private Sessions

BEMER Mat Sessions

What is BEMER Therapy?  

BEMER is a vascular cell therapy that uses a PEMF carrier (Pulse Electro Magnetic Field) that increases blood flow by 29% in just 8-minute sessions and can activate your body’s natural healing power. BEMER is an FDA Class II approved medical device and has five Worldwide patents, multiple science awards, numerous medical studies, researched by NASA that now uses BEMER in astronaut suits, and sold in over 40 countries for 20 years.

The BEMER is the only device of its kind. BEMER is a medical device that has been proven to improve blood flow through the capillaries to the cells. No pharmaceutical, no supplement, no drink or pill can do what the BEMER does for the body. This is truly addressing the health of your body at the cellular level. The effects last 10 – 16 hours in the body.  BEMER is the tool that returns balance to the body so that it can perform the tasks of wellness that it was designed to do. The body is the miracle!
OLYMPIANS, SEMI-PRO AND PRO ATHLETES ARE USING BEMER! BEMER is their ‘secret weapon’ aiding in enhanced performance, increased strength and stamina, energy, removing lactic acid and accelerated recovery. Increased oxygen delivery and lactic acid removal is critical for athletic performance.BEMER is utilized by over 4,000 clinics and hospitals throughout Europe and South Africa (every single hospital in Hungary has at least one!) BEMER is the most researched bio-energetic device available. There are numerous clinical papers that are available that speak to its efficacy. You can find many of these published on The BEMER has been described as ‘the missing link in medicine’ and as ‘the Future of Medicine’. Deepak Chopra has said, “The future of medicine will lie in harmonics.”

Come in and see how BEMER enhances general blood flow, cardiac function, physical fitness, endurance, strength, energy, concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction, relaxation, and sleep. It can be a great option to come in for prior to whatever treatment you are doing to make it all that much more effective, or to do it as a stand-alone experience. We offer individual sessions or packages of 5 or 10 sessions. Give us a call to set up a session!

The full session will also help address specific health concerns using the mat and the accessories on different areas of the body to address specific needs. The session will be approximately 25 minutes.
Investment for Full BEMER Sessions:
Single session~$45.00
5 pack $200.00
10 pack $350.00
The mini BEMER session involves being on the mat and experiencing one of the accessories simultaneously to simply focus on gut health or a specific area of concern. This session will last approximately 15 minutes. 
Single session ~$25.00
5 Pack $100.00
10 Pack $180.00


Or give us a call to schedule these services- (406) 993-2510

Skin Care Services

Normatec Sessions

Designed by a physician and bio-engineer, this patented medical device is the ultimate treatment to enhance athletic recovery. Its benefits are based on the science of blood flow; your circulatory system delivers oxygen, nutrients and hormones to every cell in your body. Simultaneously, this complex circuit removes metabolic wastes such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid, effectively flushing your system of toxins.
During a treatment you’ll put on the Normatec leg sleeves which will fill up with air and then move through a pulsation pattern creating a dynamic compression experience that is relaxing and gently stimulating. The idea behind compression therapy is that by increasing blood flow to specific parts of the body — encouraging your body to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to those areas — you can speed up recovery, relieve pain and improve athletic performance. It is highly supportive of general immune health by flushing the lymphatic system so you don’t need to be an athlete to receive the benefits.

Compression therapy has been used for decades in hospitals and clinics as a treatment to enhance circulation. Normatec actually started as a medical device company to treat lymphedema (chronic swelling). Although it still is a great treatment for this condition, it has also been recognized to have an awesome capacity to treat athletes for recovery as well as simply give you a fantastic leg massage.

Benefits of the Normatec Include:

  • Reducing swelling and edema
  • Facilitating removal of lactic acid and other exercise-induced wastes
  • Preventing delayed-onset muscle soreness
  • Accelerating muscle recovery
  • Improving athletic performance
  • Facilitating enhanced flexibility and range of motion
  • Decreasing muscle fatigue after exercise

Single sessions of up to 30 minutes~$35
Package of 5 30-minute sessions~$150
Package of 10 30-minute sessions~$275


Or give us a call to schedule these services- (406) 993-2510

Yoga Classes and Private Sessions

Occupational and Lymphedema Therapy

Occupational Therapy is a holistic practice that focuses on improving participation in day-to-day activities. These activities can be from hiking and skiing to simply making a meal and getting dressed. Someone may experience difficulty due to injury, illness, or life change. Occupational Therapy can help by providing multiple services such as improving recovery from surgery, CVA/stroke, and assessing home safety. Additionally, OT can provide rehabilitation of the upper extremity including the hand and shoulder. As Caitie is also a Certified Lymphedema Therapist, she can treat post-surgical swelling, lymphedema, lipedema, and cancer-related edema.

Lymphatic Drainage (also can be booked under Massage & Bodywork with specific Therapists)
Gentle manipulation of lymphatic fluid in the body to facilitate the removal of lactic acid and cellular waste to promote detoxification. This could also entail management of edema due to surgery of knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist, etc. 
60 min.~$150 

Head and Neck Lymphatic Drainage
This gentle restorative massage provides numerous benefits to situations often seen in the face, scalp, and neck. Lymphatic drainage to this area has shown improvement in conditions such as acne, rosacea, and psoriasis. Lymphatic drainage to this area is also beneficial to reduce puffiness due to stress or recent illness. This relaxing massage can help relieve congestion in the face prior to important events such as a wedding or speaker event!
60 min.~$150

Prenatal or Postnatal Lymphatic Drainage
This gentle restorative massage has multiple benefits during and after pregnancy. These include prevention and management of swelling, assisting in reduction of potential of stretch marks, improvement of gastrointestinal health, assisting in presence of venous insufficiency, and assisting in recovery post birth. If there are any complications with your pregnancy you must discuss with your doctor prior to receiving this service manipulation of lymphatic fluid in the body to facilitate the removal of lactic acid and cellular waste to promote detoxification. This could also entail management of edema due to surgery of knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist, etc. 
60 min.~$150
90 min.~$200

Lymphedema Therapy
Complete lymphedema therapy consisting of education, skin care, manual lymphatic drainage, exercise, and compression therapy.
60 min.~$150
90 min.~$200

Neuromuscular Reeducation
Assist in recovery from cerebral vascular accidents (stroke) or other head trauma.
60 min.~$150

Upper Extremity Rehabilitation
Provide therapy of the hand, arm, and shoulder including range of motion, stretching, coordination, and strengthening.
60 min.~$150

Initial Occupational Therapy Consultation
Therapeutic consultation to set up your Occupational Therapy program to get you back on track to living your best life. This could include a review of pre/post-surgical precautions and how best to manage your day-to-day activities within your precautions.
60 min.~$160

Creating a Safe Home
During this initial consultation, we will access one’s medical needs as well as the needs of the home environment to create a safe space. This will provide solutions to ensure safety of all areas to prevent falls, injury, or re-injury.
60 min.~$180 (plus in-home fee)

We are also happy to come to your home for an additional charge, the additional cost is dependent upon distance to off-site service location. Please give a call for more information or to book.


Or give us a call to schedule these services- (406) 993-2510

Ayurvedic Consultations


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