Treatments & Services

We offer the following treatments and services:

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Therapeutic Massage ~ incorporating a variety of massage techniques such as deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage and myofascial release in order to tend to your specific needs.

Swedish Massage ~ allow the world to slip away as you sink deeply into a state of relaxation with a more gentle flowing approach to working with the body and releasing stress and tension.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) ~ a light touch approach that can create dramatic improvements in your well-being.  It releases tensions deep in the body working with the central nervous system to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole body health and performance.  Allows the entire body to relax and self-correct.  This modality can be done alone or blended with a therapeutic massage.

Lymphatic Drainage & Reflexology ~ a gentle massage moving the lymphatic fluid to clear lymphatic channels and promote detoxification.  This is combined with reflexology in order to stimulate different organs and specific areas in your body that need more attention.

BioMat Sessions ~ relax, detoxify, alkalize and improve your body’s healing ability simply by laying on the BioMat and feeling the warmth of the far-infared heat and amethyst crystals. 30 minute sessions available; could be enhanced with a massage or energy work session, or  it could accompany your massage, energy work or acupuncture treatment.
Included in your massage is aromatherapy specific to your needs, and some services will be experienced on the BioMat.

Rates: 30 min.~$60  60 min.~$105  75 min. ~ $130  90 min.~$155  120 min.~$185

We are also happy to come to your home for an additional charge~ $25 within the Meadow area, outside of the Meadow (on the Mountain, Spanish Peaks, Yellowstone Club)~ an additional $40-$60 per massage (depending upon distance)

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Thai Massage 

A classic Thai massage incorporating stretching and deep pressure in order to open up the body and get one’s energy flowing initiating one’s own healing process. Could be referred to as a passive style of yoga. It is done on a mat on the floor with the receiver comfortably dressed. Perfect after a day on the mountain. Traditionally done as a 2 hour massage. 2 hours~$185  90 min.~ $155

To schedule an appointment online please click here or call (406) 993-2510.  Or to contact Callie Stolz, C.A.S., L.M.T. directly email her at or call 406-570-2477.

To learn more about this style of massage or other therapeutic styles of massage Callie offers you can check Callie’s other website at

Ayurvedic Body Therapies 

Abhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic massage using a warm, body type specific, oil in order to help detoxify and nourish the body. 90 min.~$155 This style of massage is traditionally done as a 4 handed (2 therapists). 50 min.~$170

Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic body therapy where a medicated (herbal) warm oil is poured over one’s forehead (third eye) continuously for 20-40 minutes depending upon the needs of the recipient in order to help clear and calm the mind and body, improve sleep and help to reduce anxiety and stress. This treatment includes a soothing head, neck and shoulder massage to allow the body to further let go and finished with a some attention to the feet in order to bring you back into your body and reground you. It can be done as a stand alone treatment, but even more powerful when done in combination with an Abhyanga 60 min.~$105

Swedena is an add on to any type of massage, but more traditionally an add on to an Abhyanga style of massage. It is a steam tent that is placed over the recipient after the massage with a herbal steam filling the tent and allowing one’s body to more fully absorb the oil that was used as well as absorb the herbal steam, reduce water weight, beautifies the skin and improves circulation.~$40

Bliss Therapy is a truly blissful experience combining a traditional Abhyanga massage, Shirodhara treatment and Swedena. The most beautiful way to nourish your body mind and spirit. With a 2 handed Abhyanga (1 therapist) 3 hours~$285 With a 4 handed Abhyanga (2 therapists) 2 1/2 hours~$300

To schedule an appointment online please click here or call (406) 993-2510.

To ask questions or contact Callie Stolz, C.A.S., L.M.T. directly email her at or call 406-570-2477.

Ayurvedic Consultations

Bring more balance into your life. Whether you are healing from a disease or wanting to take on preventative measures, an Ayurvedic Consultation can get you started on this path. Prior to an initial consultation you will fill out a questionnaire in regards to your history, day to day routines and your tendancies. During the consultation we will go a bit deeper into these topics, do a brief exam, discuss current imbalances and get started with a treatment plan to bring you more into a state of balance or optimal health and well being. This 2 hour initial consultation also includes another 45 minute appointment where you come in for your report of findings and initial recommendations.~$150 Follow-up appointments 60 min.~$80 Packages also available.

To schedule an appointment online please click here or call (406) 993-2510.

To inquire about packages, ask questions or contact Callie Stolz, C.A.S., L.M.T. directly email her at or call 406-570-2477.

Skin Care Services

Signature Winter Glo Facial
Your skin will be nourished and moisturized with organic, locally made products that harness the powerful antioxidants found in nature. The detoxifying, mineral rich Glo mask, made with French green clay and matcha green tea will pull out impurities, leaving your skin ready to accept the protecting qualities of cold-pressed luxurious oils. These emollient rich oils are derived from essential oils made from flowers and botanicals with cell regenerating and collagen boosting properties. This soothing, extremely moisturizing facial is perfect for those with sensitive, extra thirsty skin or in need of protection from the elements. 60 min $110

Classic Facial
Your customized facial will address your concerns and treat your specific skin conditions. Products specific to your needs will be selected and used to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and protect the skin. Any areas of focus will be addressed, and extractions performed if needed. Each treatment includes the use of steam and warm towels, as well as facial and scalp massage. 60 min $95

Express Facial
Just the basics to give your skin a quick work-out, sloughing away dead skin and replenishing with essential vitamins and minerals. You’ll leave with a fresh, dewy complexion. 30 min $55

Acne Consultation & Treatment
After a thorough consultation and skin analysis, our esthetician will develop a progressive treatment plan that includes an at-home care routine to achieve the best possible results. Appointment will include a thorough and gentle cleanse, appropriate exfoliation, gentle extractions and mask application. 30 min. $65

Add Ons:
Lip or Eye Treatment $15/ea
Paraffin Foot or Hand Treatment $25
Enzyme Peel $20
Additional time with Esthetician $20 (15 mins)

Back Treatment
An often-neglected area in terms of skin care, the skin on your back needs attention too. Utilizing many of the same techniques used in treatments for the face, your back treatment will be customized for your unique skin conditions. Starting with a light dry-brushing, the skin will be cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized. Light massage is incorporated, and extractions can be performed if necessary. For those suffering from back acne, an enzyme or chemical peel is a recommended add-on. 50 min $85

Brow $20 (15 min) Lip or Chin $15 (15 min) Nose $10 (15 min) Full Leg $75 (45 min) Half Leg $45 (30 min) Bikini $35 (30 min) Extended Bikini $40 (30 min) Arm $45 (30 min) Half Arm $30 (30 min) Underarm $25 (15 min) Back $50 (45 min) Chest $50 (30 min)

Skip the mascara—tinting your lashes makes them look longer & fuller and lasts 3-4 weeks.
Brow $20 (25 min)
Lash $30 (20 min)
Both $45 (30 min)

To schedule an appointment online please click here or call (406) 993-2510.

To ask questions or contact Amy Woodger, L.E. directly email her at or call 406-548-8654.

Yoga Classes and Private Sessions

A private yoga session designed especially for you and your needs, whether it be to get down the basics, work on a therapeutic issue or help you develop a more advanced practice, your choice. 1 hour~$85 90 min.~$125 (prices are for up to 2 people, each additional person over 2 is an additional $20) A group private~$250

We are also happy to come to your home for an additional charge~ $25 within the Meadow area; outside of the Meadow (on the Mountain, Spanish Peaks, Yellowstone Club)~ an additional $40-$60 per session (depending upon the distance).

Private sessions are available with any of our yoga teachers.

To schedule an appointment please contact Callie Stolz, C.A.S., L.M.T. at or call 406-570-2477 or call Santosha Wellness Center at 406-993-2510.


Couples therapy
The typical format is to meet for 2 hours for an initial session and continue on a bi-weekly or tri-weekly basis for 2-hour sessions as needed. I have found that a longer, more intensive session with expanded times between sessions accelerates the therapeutic process and shortens the overall length of therapy.

Individual therapy
Individual therapy is about the development of you and is used to address issues and difficulties unique to the individual. Adjustment, anxiety, depression, parenting difficulties, workplace issues, grief, intimacy and relationship issues are common presenting problems.

Family therapy
Family therapy involves all members of the family working together in session. Family therapy is focused on process and how relationships within the family may be causing difficulties. Family therapy also explores how relationships in the family may aid in problem-solving as well as healing.

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Fees: $120/hour  Insurance accepted

If you would like to book an appointment online please click here, otherwise please contact the practitioner directly at their email or phone number found here to schedule an appointment. Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy, anything cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time will incur a full charge of the appointment.