How You Can Help Save Santosha

Dear Yogis, Yoginis and other friends of Santosha,

Fifteen years ago I experienced a serious health opportunity. It was an opportunity to learn firsthand the power of yoga, complementary medicine and community. Through my healing process I developed a dream to create a place where people could access many different avenues for health and well-being under one roof. A place that created a sense of community where people were provided opportunities not only to heal, but to work towards optimal health of body, mind and spirit. That dream became my passion. That passion became Santosha Wellness Center.

Five years ago I opened the doors of Santosha as the first step in fulfilling that dream. As many of you may know, over the past year and a half the space Santosha operates out of has been on the market. This led me to do some soul-searching and to really think about the next best step for Santosha. Although I have wanted to buy it myself in order to keep it alive, this had seemed like a big financial undertaking. However, as I have contemplated the other alternatives I have heard many of you say, “I can’t imagine this community without Santosha”, which is my sentiment exactly. It has meant so much to me to hear so many of you say over the years (and even more so recently) how much Santosha has impacted your lives, whether it be through some type of treatment, experiencing the Cleanse or developing your yoga practice. So this is where I am challenging myself to walk the talk, to make myself vulnerable, get out of my comfort zone and move forward with a fearless heart (as I so often times encourage so many of you to do).

I believe that over the last five years we have created a beautiful community within Big Sky, even “raised the vibration” as I have heard some say, and I feel very passionate about keeping it alive and continuing to thrive. Therefore I have put the space under contract, and I am now working towards gathering enough money for a down payment in order to keep moving forward with Santosha. I have until the end of October to have the finances in order to purchase the space, as beyond that our lease will expire and will not be renewed. So although I hate to say it- time is of the essence.

In order to raise some of the necessary capital, I am offering a variety of memberships. This is your opportunity to pre-pay for services and classes (at a discounted rate) and be a part of keeping Santosha a part of this community. So please check out the options I have laid out below, and if you feel drawn to do so- please join Santosha in committing to your wellness and continuing to build a stronger, healthier community that we can all thrive in. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and consider this and for being a part of Santosha for all these past years. It wouldn’t exist without you all, and I’m so very grateful to each and every one of you.